The Wishing Stone Songs

by Lara Ewen

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You may want it tender; want to drift away in bed With your family wreathed around you and a pillow for your head. Or you may want a bonfire; strike a match and let it spark. See it all go up in flames and let it burn out in the dark. chorus: But I want to go out dancing. When I fall from grace Just dip me into my resting place. I'm going down swinging and stomping and stamping. Death better take me dancing. You may want a sunset; let 'em watch you ride away. Tip you hat and turn your back and face your dying day. chorus bridge: Or do you want to live forever? What would you do with all that time? How many people would you love and lose? How many mountains would you climb? I don't begrudge the Reaper; we all have a job to do. But when he finally comes to court me, I hope he's wearing stepping shoes. chorus
One Day 03:52
3 a.m., out again at the Late Night rodeo Inside, they're fogging up the windows with their rock ’n’ roll. And I always look for you here Even though it's been years. chorus: ’Cause one day, I'll see you on TV. Singing something that you used to sing to me And I'll say, "That's my favorite song!" And one day, I'll hear you on the radio Singing something sweet and low And I will, I will sing along. (do do do do do etc.) I heard you took your car up North, but the weather let you down. I'm still living in New York. I'm never gonna kick this town. I'm always running into someone you know. Everybody says hello. chorus bridge: You never said goodbye. I always wondered why… chorus
I was just getting used to the dark When you turned on the light. So here I am blinking and squinting and rubbing my eyes. And I wish I knew What to do with you. I'm clumsy and hugging the walls As I stumble around. I'm keeping my thoughts to myself And my feet on the ground. And my head down. chorus: Well, I know how to be by myself And I know how to do without anyone else And I know how to find my own way in the world. But I don't know how To be your girl. I'm graceless and flustered And looking for someplace to hide. I think it's fair to say I am not easily surprised. But I can't see What you see in me. So keep me from falling Or give me someplace to land. I'm afraid this is a little more Than I can stand. chorus I was just getting used to the dark When you turned on the light.
At least he doesn't hit me And most of the time, he's sober When he comes to pick me up. And he never asks for money Except that one time When he went and crashed his truck. And I know he loves his daughter Though he hardly ever sees her ’Cause his ex is such a bitch. And he says that if I'm lucky, He's taking me to Paris When he finally strikes it rich. chorus: And I know what you're thinking But he ain't all that bad In fact, he's better than most of the men that I've had. And you think he don't deserve me But I think I'm cursed. And just between me and you, I could do a whole lot worse. Yeah, I could do worse. Well, remember the last one? Remember the time when I had to sell my car So I could go and bail him out? And then there was Frankie. Oh, I gave him my 20s And he gave me something to really cry about. And I still miss my old man Though his seven year itch Started the day I took his name. But honey, this one is different. He's not like the others. No. They were all the same. chorus
Restless 03:54
No one's been in love with me for years. No one's been in love with me for years. I've seen my share of passersby And summer volunteers, but No one's been in love with me for years. Maybe I should call for company. Maybe I should call for company. Someone to come over here and try to comfort me. Maybe I should call for company. But I'm tired of finding strangers in my bed. I'm tired of finding strangers in my bed. I guess it's time for me to learn to sleep alone instead. I'm tired of finding strangers in my bed. And I don't really miss you much at all. I don't really miss you much at all. I just forgot your number, took your picture off the wall, And I don't really miss you much at all. I don't think I'll get much sleep tonight.
If I could write you a letter I'd tell you how it feels To be left by the side of the road Picking rocks from the cracks in your heels. chorus: But instead I just sit in this bar with my beer Chasing a shot of chagrin. I swallow them both Cause I'm keeping it in. I want to make you feel worthless No one would blame me for trying But I'm worn out Like a screw that's been stripped From being turned around too many times. chorus bridge: I tried to take what you gave me with patience That some people mistook for fear When the only thing that ever really scared me Was knowing how much I was willing to bear And if I were stronger If I were brave If I were somebody else Maybe I'd have stood up, or stood my ground Sometimes, I can't stand being myself. chorus
Just get in the car. I know where to go. We'll cut across West Texas, and slip into New Mexico. I've got some friends there with hearts like mountains. You can see ’em for miles. And there's time and space there. Maybe we could stay awhile. chorus: We could open the windows And run our fingers through the air. We could drive barefoot all the way there. I know you love this city and I love this city, too. But lately, I've been craning my neck Just to see a corner of blue. You don't have to carve your name in the concrete ’Cause I know who you are. Ain't you tired of looking for diamonds in the sidewalk? Don't you wanna see stars? chorus bridge: I wanna trade my shades of grey for a little blacktop And some white lines. I think it's time I cleared my mind. I'm gonna clear my mind. chorus
How much is this gonna hurt? How much is it gonna take? Is it all right if I shut my eyes and wait for the part Where the skin breaks? How deep is it gonna drive? How far will it go? And after it's over, will there be someone Taking me home? chorus: And will it be enough? Enough? Will it be enough? Enough? Enough? Will it be enough? 'Cause I can't do this again. How dark is it gonna get? How tough am I gonna be? And if it leaves a mark, well I hope No one can see. How much am I gonna feel? How long will it last? And if it's gonna end badly, can we please Just make it fast? chorus
Reckless 04:34
Takes a lot of work being angry. Takes a lot of time being sad. Takes a lot out of a woman, living like that. Gonna get in touch with my demons. Gonna let ’em drive for a spell. Gonna take ’em out on the town and let ’em raise some hell. chorus: I'm gonna drink the whole bottle And dance on the bar. Go find a stranger and take it too far. Spend all my cash on a new pair of shoes. I'm thinking ’bout getting another tattoo. I'm gonna live recklessly Like you were reckless with me. I tried to be all kinds of patient. I tried to keep my fever down. I guess I got used to having you around. I let my calluses soften. I let my heart go slack. But I'm gonna beat on my chest ’til I feel it beating back. chorus (2X)
On the south side of the city, upstairs from Mabel’s place Henry can hear the music coming through the floor Bottles on the table, razor blades in the trash No one comes to see him anymore He said, “I could have been an artist, ’cause I used to understand. I might have been a soldier, might have been a family man. Used to want to be a sailor, never quite got off the ground. I’ve never been to Paris, but I’ve been around. I’ve been around.” He said, “Time is a gambler and wishes are tin. But I wish I had a dime for all the things I could have been. I’d spend it on the slot machines, I’d buy you all a drink. I’d spend it on the slot machines, I’d buy you all a drink.” chorus: He said, “Mother Mary, can you help me? Can you spare some change?” I said, “Father, Father, where the hell are you? You can find me in the breakdown lane.” He said, “Did I ever tell you ’bout this woman that I knew? She was silk and lace and porcelain face and fancy French perfume I would have sold my soul if she had asked me to. I really thought I loved her. Don’t know why I’m telling you.” He said, “I just can’t seem to sleep nights, it’s messing up my brain. And drinking is what’s keeping me from going insane. Can you pass the cigarettes? I’m gonna quit these soon.” Henry blows the match out and smoke fills the room. And the band downstairs is packing up to go. Mabel’s closing early ’cause tonight’s been pretty slow. Henry’s sitting in the corner, drinking alone. Sitting in a corner, drinking alone. chorus (I'm resting my bones in the breakdown lane.)
I see you're an outlaw. I can see your gun. You're riding around on that high black horse, showing everyone. And I can't wait to let you escape, though I admit we've had our fun. My favorite thing about outlaws? I love to watch 'em run. chorus: And if you find yourself on the rocks, Strung out, and busted again Just call on me, fall back on me I'll give you a soft place to land. You're a real pioneer now, you're out riding the range. You're getting all Willa Cather on the frontier, You're building your castles in Spain. And I can't wait to let you go, I'm ready for a change. But if you ever fall off that wagon of yours, here: Take this for the pain. chorus (2x)


released September 20, 2013

Recorded at GaluminumFoil Studios in Brooklyn, NY.
Produced and engineered by Chris Cubeta.
Jeff Berner and Gary Atturio, assistant engineers.
Guitar: Lara Ewen, Mark Marshall, Jeff Jacobson, Chris Cubeta
Percussion: Ryan Vaughn
Bass: Kate Kilbane (electric); Catherine Popper (upright)
Violin: Tarrah Reynolds, Eleanor Whitmore
Harmonica: Shaky Dave Pollack
Pedal steel: Gerald Menke
Piano: Chris Cubeta
Vocals: Lara Ewen, Paul Basile, Kate Kilbane, Jessi Robertson, Bryan Dunn, Chris Cubeta.
Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering.
Maria Rice, assistant mastering engineer.


all rights reserved



Lara Ewen New York

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Lara Ewen tells stories, most of which are true. Her work blends both the real and the imagined, and the musical landscape she navigates dips into country, Americana, and singer/songwriter influences, drawing comparisons to musicians who sometimes get summarily lumped into the folk category, such as Patty Griffin, Lucinda Williams and Jonatha Brooke. ... more

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